Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back to school to prove to Dad that I'm not a fool

Ater some laughs, some screams, a couple tears, and a hissy fit or two, I've successfully made it through my first week of classes. It's been hellish to say the least to organize my classes and transfer credits, but I'm the only one to blame for putting it off this long. I'm currently taking 6 courses, with a tutorial. One of my classes is a full year long. I'm waiting it out until the end of this week to decide if I'm going to drop a class or not. My schedule isn't TOO bad, considering, so no complaints here.

I'm still trying to fit in as many swims, bike rides and runs as I possibly can, but it's inevitable that my training is going to be on the back burner this fall and winter. Ultimately, it's a good thing. I feel a little burnt out from the summer. I'm tying to keep my diet on track so I wont turn into much of a heffer.

I'm also working very part time, looking after a 12 year old girl with autism, OCD, ADHD, and tourettes. It's very challenging at times, but it's a fun job and time flies by pretty quick. Not to mention it's going to be a good addition to my resume.

I went over to Tom's this evening, and overheard a conversation between him and his roommate, Craig. The conversation is as follows:

(Tom's standing and eating a bowl of cereal, Craigs sitting on the couch)

Craig: "What you got there, buddy?"

Tom: "Raisin Bran"

Craig: "Didn't you tell me a while ago that you were shitting a lot, lately? Why the hell are you eating BRAN?"

Tom: "I like Bran"

Craig: "Bran will only make you shit more"

Tom: "I just really like all the foods that make me shit. It's not my fault"

Craig: "Do you like Mc Donalds?"

Tom: "No"

Craig: "Well that shit will really make you shit"

I hope you found that as funny as I did.

Keep on rockin in the free world,