Friday, September 25, 2009

Ah, Septmber...

September only means three things: the transition from summer to fall, the celebration of my birth, and the start of SCHOOL!

Since school has started, I decided to take 5 courses this semester. Originally, I was going to take 4 courses, but I really want to get them done and over with. With my pre-req's out of the way, I have the chance to take some courses that I am really interested in. The line up: Sociology of Gender, Sociology of Family Relationships, Sociology of Mass Media and Popular Culture, Sociology of Aging, along with a first year English class that is needed as part of my major.

I'm thinking the English class, with it's many 2.5%-merit assignments is going to prove itself the most challenging.

So far, the semester is going well. We're 3 weeks in, and assignments are already coming due. I'm still working at the shop; Weekends, and Monday/Wednesday afternoons. I'm lucky that they're so flexible so I can take any time off I need. It's definitely going to be a busy 3 months ahead of me, but something I think will be relatively manageable.

I'm also going to be buying a new road bike for the spring. The 2010 lineup of Specialized bikes is ridiculously good-looking. My only hold-back: Tarmac or the Roubaix? Any recommendations?

Back to the paper-writing... Keep fit and have fun!