Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pender Island

Pictures from Pender a couple weeks ago... Enjoy!


ferry terminal

Giving Paulie the race report from that morning

Excited for Pender!

Checking out the route

"How do you know when you're a pirate?"

I spy with my little eye...

Don't try to defeat the system

Plan under fire?

fueling up with some delicious granola bar.. yummmm...

Here we come!

Such beautiful roads!

Only 15 minutes to the pier

So pretty

Pender is really hilly

Bridge to South Pender

Crossing the bridge

Taking in all the sights..

The point at South Pender

Passing by a family of deer

We filled up our bottles alot

Tom thinking up ideas so people don't have to touch shit

In a world of hurt

So fresh


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Sri Tri

Last Sunday was the Sri, Self transcendence tri. Coming up to race day, I was pretty pumped that I had the day off to race. Working 40+ hours a week, I knew going into it that it wouldn't be anything miraculous.. but I was just content with excercising in the sunshine!

The swim went quite well for me. I'm pretty sure I offsited tonnes and made a 3 leaf clover instead of a triangle, but I still came out of the water sub 26 minutes which went pretty quickly. The bike was rough - really rough. I just didn't feel any power in my legs and felt like I couldn't push anymore than I was. Coming in off the bike, the run felt really bad. Luckily for me, it went by really quick and I had my best tri-10k time ever.

Post triathlon, I headed home really quickly. Showered, changed into riding gear and ate some left over pasta all in 7 minutes then I was out the door.

I met Tom, and we rode out to the ferry and caught the next sailing to Pender! We rode around the northern coast and took a little bridge across to south pender island. The island is really small and really, really hilly! Tom was on me every 20-30 minutes telling me to eat and drink more. I kept complaining about how much I hurt, but he would put me in my place and tell me to think about better things. Pictures will come when I get them off of Tom's camera.

Danny and I are heading to Hornby tomorrow morning. I took out a 29'er from the shop and we're going to hit some flat and hopefully fast trails. I've heard amazing things about Hornby, so I'm super excited!

Do like Hal Johnson and Joanne McCloud,