Monday, June 30, 2008

To race, or not to race?

Ah, Yaletown, the infamous crit that takes place in downtown Vancouver and known for the mass amounts of spectator's all around the course. I am debating whether I should race or not. I find it's extremely hard to pick a first race, because I don't know how fast I go, or how fast the women's cat 4 goes. Tomorrow morning I hit the road for the mainland... the registration deadline is at noon, and the race goes out at 1pm. That's when I am going to decide to race or not.... so wish me luck!!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Strokes for MS

I registered myself for the Thetis Lake 3K open water swim for MS the other day. I'm a little nervous about it, seeing as I've never swam that far in one period of time before, but I thought it would be a great experience, good training and for a great cause.

BUT, this does mean that I'm going to have to do some fundraising for the MS Society of Canada... meaning: asking people to donate money..... not my most favourite thing to do, but I would love if you could help me reach my goal.. Nothing too extravagant, even a couple dollars will do some good!

Check out my Fundraising Webpage for more info.


Monday, June 16, 2008

Family Fun Weekend

This past weekend was the Squamish Test of Metal. With both, Tom and Paulie racing, we also decided to double it up with some family fun! After chilling at the beach for most of Friday afternoon, Tom, Craig and I drove to Squamish in the evening where we met Paulie and Dan at our hotel room. We quickly got settled and pumped for the race Saturday morning.

The race started at 11am, so we had a chance for a sleep in and to leisurely get our acts in gear for the start. Paulie is such a trooper for racing only 8 weeks after his surgery! Not only did he have an amazing finish time, I never saw him without a smile!

Saturday wrapped up nicely with going over to a friends for a bbq potluck.

On Sunday, we decided to hike 'The Chief'. I didn't realize how epic of a hike it is. Tom, Dan, Paulie and I met Marty and Tara at the lower level parking lot in the morning and then made our way to the top in an hour and a half. It was one of the hardest hikes I've ever done.

Tom, Dan and Marty layed down the hammer!

Happy Father's Day, Paulie! (and Happy Birthday, Tom and Dan!)