Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Cobble Hill 10K

This past Sunday, I ran the cobble hill 10k. As per usual, it was very last minute... I only found out about the race the day before. I decided that I was going to run the night before when I saw online that there was day-of registration.

When I got out to Mill Bay, I wasn't feeling too keen on the run - I must have sat in my car for a solid 10 minutes trying to coax myself out of it...telling myself I didn't have to run. Finally, I pushed myself to get out of my car and onto the scene - and I'm glad I did!

I started out feeling pretty good. I kept trying to relax as much as possible, which I noticed helped considerably for maintaining a regular breathing rhythm. The course was fabulous, too; beautiful, rolling, winding roads. It was pretty chilly out - when I was about halfway, it started to snow! I definitely should have worn gloves! I thought I was being courageous wearing capris, that is until I saw the real runners in their shorty shorts and tee's.

For the last 6-7 kilometers, I had a guy run right on my hip. Oddly enough, every race I've entered, I've had someone pace off of me for almost the entire race. They usually thank me for it at the finish line or through internet correspondence. At 100m from the finish line, he sprinted me... and unfortunately, won. He did shake my hand afterwards and told me how good of a pacer I was.

I ended up running a 48:40 10k - my best time, yet!

Most of my regular circle of friends are mainly elite athletes. Sometimes I get very discouraged with my training because they are always better, faster, stronger, or the excitement about my finishing times get overshadowed by their times because they blow mine out of the water. I've decided that I'm going to focus more on my progress than on theirs, and try to keep in mind that I am a beginner athlete. I need to remember that I've been in sport, coming up on 2 years now. Comparisons between them and I are not relevant because most have them have been training for more than a decade, if not for their whole. This also led into more thought about my goals for this season. Taking a cue from Tom, I've decided to make some serious goals for 2009. They include:

1. Running so hard I puke
2. Running a sub 46 minute 10 km
3. Sub 2:45 time at UBC - March 8th
4. Sub 3:40 10k swim in July
5. Completing a week long cycling trip up the coast of California in mid-April

Pictures from the race aren't online yet. I am going to get a new camera soon, so I wont be picture-less for long. I'll be sure to upload race pictures when they're up.

Also, with all this school-work procrastination, perhaps another goal should be to pass all my classes..!? haha! ...Next September, please remind me never to take a full course load again. It really wreaks havoc on all other parts of my life.

Keep fit and have fun,