Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Almost there...

The fall semester is almost done.... only 2.5 weeks left of classes, 10 papers and only 3 exams. I've started a 'To do' list of the last assignments I have left to do in hopes to be more productive. This week is reading week. I've been doing a fair share of work. I still have a good chunk of work cut out for me. I think my list is a good motivator!

Last Monday was Danny's birthday. To celebrate, I threw not one surprise party, but TWO! Sunday night, I surprised Danny by taking him downtown. He didn't know where we were going. We parked the car, walked around the block, then.... Dan jumped out and scared the heck out of me. We met a group of people downtown for a couple games of lazer tag. The equipment was a little beat up, with cords sticking out, and taped back together, but regardless, it was ridiculously fun, and I think we should go again soon! To make things even better, I had ANOTHER surprise party for him on Monday. He had a class and midterm to write at 6pm. I picked him up from class, with everyone waiting at his place for him to arrive. I secretly called the house when we were 60 seconds away, and gave everyone time to hide. Coming home to a very dark house, Danny was slow to enter... then after he gets in the house and heads for the lights, the group turned on the lights, jumped out from behind the couch and yelled surprise. Tom hid in the deep freeze and popped out first. It was a super fun night and totally surprised Danny!

I also booked my tickets to Ontario for Christmas this year. I'm excited to be back and see family and friends again. I haven't been back home for Christmas in 2 years... and what's better? Danny's coming with me! ...well, not exactly. I am arriving a few days before he does, because his exam schedule runs later than mine. He catches a red eye on the 20th and I pick him up early in the morning on the 21st. I'm really hoping I can meet up with Heather Hollman. She moved to North York to go to Chiropractic School. Christmas is usually a busy time of year, so hopefully something can be worked out! On the 25th, Danny and I fly together to Regina, to meet his parents who just moved there for work. We stay there for 5 days before we head back to Victoria to meet my Dad and celebrate my 3rd Christmas! (wow, can you say lucky!?)

Keep fit and have fun!