Friday, March 25, 2011

Awesome, in full force

It's the Year of Jenny. Yep, you heard it here..... well, second. Taken from my good friend, Jenny Scott, I'm using this expression and making it my own. Simply said, this year is going to be all about the things that will make me a better Jenny; friends, adventures, traveling, and the rest of life somewhere in the mix.

Here are some highlights and future goals for 2011:

-First mtb race - 2 flats, still finished.
-Uvic development rowing team winning streak, including Elk Lake Spring Regatta, CRUSHED Oregon State University.
-GRADUATION, June 2011! Wooooooo
-Won a week resort vacay at destination of choice.
-Tom/Jenny trip to Guatemala, December 2011!
-Get my ass kicked in the 2011 racing season, but still have tonnes of fun! VCLs, Island Cups, X on the Rock!
-Girls Vegas Trip, October
-Visit Dr. Skinner in San Fran, November!?
-Apply for international exchange - Masters/B.Ed

Like I said before, the Year of Jenny. It's going to be a good year.