Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Amurica, hell yeah!

Last week I went to Amurica. Definitely an impromptu trip having booked my tickets Tuesday afternoon and then leaving Victoria on Wednesday at 6am. After a 13 hour travel day, I got into State College, Pennsylvania, at 10pm on July 27th and Dee was there to pick me up. I stayed there less than 12 hours before we set tracks the next morning. Dee was finishing up a work project there and needed to transport a helicopter to Bakersfield, California for another work project.

Thursday morning, 8am we were on the tarmac and ready to go. Over 2.5 days, 20 hours of flying, 14 stops, Marshlands, the dessert, the Rocky Mountains and Cascade Mountains, the Grand Canyon, Vegas and we finally made it to Bakersfield. Here's some of the best pictures:

There's more pictures from Dee's camera that I'll upload when he gets back into town next week.

Keep thangs fresh,


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