Saturday, August 13, 2011

Whistler Weekend

Last weekend I went to Whistler with 5 other girls for Joele's stagette. It was so much fun, it was unreal. Tanya, Dawn, Joele, Libby and I drove up last Friday and stayed in a friend's condo just outside of the village. We met a friend of Joele's once we got there and had copious amounts of nachos, taco salads, stagette games, wine, and we all managed to run the warrior dash (pretty much the whole reason we went up there).

Now, you can't do a ridiculous running race like the warrior dash without a theme. Our choice: tight'n'bright. Man, did we ever rock it! Here are the highlights in point-form:

-Playing fun games with the girls
-Getting dressed up in running costumes
-Destroying a family pack of M&M's in less than 24 hours
-Seeing (and screaming for) Dawn on the podium for 1st overall woman
-The girls making fun of me for the small cut on my knee (I swear, it did hurt a lot!)
-Hitting Buffalo Bill's post race
-Nachos. Lots of 'em. With salsa and guac.
-Getting hosed off post race, and almost making Tee deaf from the screams.
-Girl talk
-Blasting sappy romantic songs from T's ipod in the car

We had hopeful plans of hiking the chief afterwards, too... but everyone was way to sore to barely make it up and down the stairs in the place, so we decided to b-line it right back to Vic.


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